Photographic cameras, wrote Roland Barthes, are like “seeing clocks”. This is the leitmotiv for this project. Since the invention of the chemical photographic process that time was one of its factors. Photographic emulsions have limitations in its response to light, forcing the presence of time in the equation. That same equation would eventually alter and mold the way we, viewers, read reality.

There’s a long list of artists that paid tribute this leadership of time: Sugimoto photographed whole movies in theatre screens, compressing diegetic time in a piece of photographic paper; Marey and Muybridge, probably without intention, created micro-narratives at the same time defying the human retina limitations; David Claerbout generates images simulating our own idea of the big brother.

This work is a tribute to this role of time, through the creation of images that by themselves work as a testimony of the duration of physical phenomenae, in a way not necessarily figurative and unrelated to the common measure units of time".  


These photographs were shown at Ar.Co School of Art Lisbon.